Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Ending the Cycle

I hunger for the innocence of younger 
days before my heroes faded and got
swallowed up by background noise of 
mediocre minds awash in a sad cliches. 

I hunger for the days before I gave up hope 
on narrow minds and unkind souls who sold
out too scared to take a look behind the curtain 
no matter how much hurting they could stop.

Then one day my daughter comes home 
happy as can be about a kid she helped 
from getting last place ribbon at sports day.
And in that instant I can see it's not the past 
that feeds me or to look for hope from fallen 
heros who never really learned to cope. 

When I realize my hope lies behind 
the eyes of my child my hunger dies 
now maybe I can try to feed a fallen 
hero from time to time from the pile 
of healthy food I get from being the Dad
I know my girls need me to be for them.


PU are writing about hunger. Sorry if it's little dark my Muse can be a cranky so and so.


  1. Fine turn around! I don't see this as dark It is a truly loving ministry to choose presence with children over wandering in the past.

  2. Oh, Sam, this is wonderful: "to be the dad my girls need me to be for them" - and look at her happy, well-loved face! When my kids were young, I found that raising them and loving them gave me a lot of hope - and healed a lot of my own pain. You likely find that too. I loved this poem.

  3. Our children teach us so much...and inspire us. Love the poem!

  4. It's our children that keep us going and satisfy our hunger for the innocence of childhood. The hunger for innocence in a cut-throat world is a very good interpretation of the prompt.

  5. This is lovely. She is lovely.

  6. It’s really beautiful how our own kids can become the pillar of our strength. What a lovely poem!

  7. So perhaps some of those undefined superpowers are beginning to unfold as you become superdad!

  8. Wow it your muse Olivia Benson ;p

  9. Very nice. It is wonderful when again one can find one's innocence through the eyes of a child. I experienced the same wonder with my grandkids most recently. And yes, we also DO become the person we need to be for them!! Funny how life works.

  10. Seeing something or oneself through new eyes is always an encouragement ot be better to do better! Nice take on the prompt, Sam!


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