Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I leak

I leak ...

Sometimes I speak
words I never heard
or even thought
they bubble up
from underneath
my careful facade
betraying feelings
the gatekeeper keeps
so secret and deep
even I didn't know
they were hiding below
the surface or poking
out from a story
or sarcastic joke
I've told many times
now I'm not so sure
if the story is mine

Or maybe a tear
trickles so small
it can't reach my cheek
at a time that I think
I'm at relative ease
I'm not at all sure
what unresolved bit
of  me I set free
so I dry it off with
out much so much as a thought
until the next time ...

... I leak.

Shared with D'Verse Poetics and the Toads OLN


  1. ha. the poem i am posing tomorrow is a great example of this...i woke up in the middle of the night...and can barely remember writing it and really cant even explain it...but somewhere it got in there...

    i fixed your link at dverse...

    1. Thanks brian, sam here this on hit me in bed half sleeping. Funny

  2. This is great and so true, it is stopping the leaks that is the challenge.

  3. grins, Sam, thought at first you were gonna take this in a slightly different direction ~

  4. Interesting exploration of what is bubbling below the surface. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Interesting. The words "I leak" hold a great significance. A really well paced and well written piece.

  6. Excellent exploration of the facade and what lies beneath, the leak and the attempt to cover it up. Good job of getting past the gatekeeper!

  7. the tongue a little thing with so much power

  8. The mind is a wonderful treasure chest.

  9. Awesome use of leak...love the capture.


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