Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Still Standing

The bitter biting shots I took
mocking my most tender verse
convinced me twitter may not
be the proper platform for the
poesy of small town boy

My loving wife jumped right in 
and gave the knife a lil spin
making sure I knew she liked me 
just the way she found me 
stinky and a lil bent

I know now girls like a guy
who cries but those aren’t 
the keeping kind. Unless
they have a pause/rewind
with washboard abs and 
Hugh Grant eyes

God knows I don’t have a clue 
but this old dog has a few moves 
a well timed wink and “I love you” 
still works when you love her like I do

Baby I’m all a twitter ;)


Mama Zen over at the Imaginary Garden are writing Twitter friendly poetry - that is 140 characters per stanza. I think I nailed the character count - the total is 560 for 4 stanzas. As for content - it started out sarcastic and irreverent and ended up a love poem. Story of my life.


  1. dude, what happened to your head? did it explode during the vows? :)

    sweet pen, like where you took it. ~

    1. ha ha I never noticed that it looks like it rolled right off my shoulders

  2. It really did end up a love poem, gorgeous.

  3. Four consecutive tweets that tell a real-life love story. For her, you are certainly a keeper. BTW ... we wrote in similar veins.

  4. Sweet... I think Twitter is the perfect venue for a small town boy like you.

  5. Ha! I already loved this, and then the "all a twitter" line. :) NICE.

  6. I'm sure she was' all a twitter' when she read this!

  7. I am in love with this ... Stanza three blew me away.

  8. You tweeted yourself into a love it.

  9. Unless
    they have a pause/rewind
    with washboard abs and
    Hugh Grant eyes....

    That was a real laugh out loud moment! So true, so true.

  10. This is sweet and really well done, Sam!

  11. haha I love that you can still make me laugh ....the "stinky & a litlle bent" line was hilarious :) love you :D

  12. Liked your tweets and RT! Lovely! :)x

  13. Great stuff, I love it, and the headless photo, too.


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