Wednesday, 22 January 2014

These eyes

These eyes never cried until a father
looked out from inside a wicked world 
with dangerous hurricane rain pounding
savage and certain beating the innocence 
from a child watching helpless unable
to keep her safe from the elements all 
Daddy can do is towel her dry after the 
storm has passed and the sky opens up 
and the sun beats back onto her face 
and when we can see that the light has 
come back to her eyes we exhale a sigh 
of relief then we rest our own tired eyes ...


Today the Toads are writing about Eyes

I missed the word limit by a few  -  Oh well it's Sonnetish sorry, Peggy.


  1. Your poem works on both the literal and figurative level. I am particularly fond of father -daughter poetry, as this one really touches the heart.

  2. Where did you find that image? It's striking, and suits your poem perfectly.

    1. it's from delilah blue eyes @ deviant art - I should credit the source I guess :)

  3. Parenting pulls on our hearts so much! I know that feeling of not being able to rest until their eyes shine with light again!

  4. on an aside, couldn't Wiki-Edge be contracted to.... W-Edge?

    keeping them safe is such a difficult endeavor ~

  5. I have weathered both the figurative and the literal hurricanes with my daughters...You have captured the feeling so well with your words

  6. Bravo! I completely missed the word limit myself.

  7. I can see you standing on a stage reciting this. Powerful. Riveting!

  8. oh it is a storm that will come always does with daughters

  9. Such a touching poem and how wonderful to do a father-daughter poem. Your daughter will treasure this.

  10. Love the whooshing rhythm of this ... could feel the exhale.

  11. One shares the woes of the youngsters. It would be worrying otherwise if left festering! Nicely Sam!


  12. awww nice one for our girls :) love you


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