Monday, 3 February 2014

The Heros Journey

He pleaded mercy from the beasts
from whom he should've feared the least
"Mercy, please don't take away
what's left of my humanity."

His pleas fell on deaf and blind
and cruelty of a savage kind.
He paid respects at his own wake
 where he saw nothing left to take.

This grizzly end where he began
the journey of a mortal man.
Each penny earned no more no less
Each debt paid with willingness.

He grew up right in spite of life
and faced his own beasts once or twice
all the good he thought was gone
still lived inside him growing strong

No matter who or what he blamed
they can't take what's not theirs to take. 
The Hero's Journey has claimed men
the strongest steel can still be bent.

Weakness only stands and breaks
and fights right to their last mistake.
The few who made it through alive
are the brave and loyal kind. 

Stand defiant to the beast
the one who we should fear the least.
Hunters, husbands, fathers, friends
Lord knows we need a few good men.

And we all have a chance to be that Man!


Just for clarity. 
I think we Men can do better. 
This is a call to action. 

What could four more like these do?


  1. Sam, this is a rallying cry which I hope inspires other men - do read it at Open Mics whenever you can. Wonderfully written, great rhyme and meter and a brilliant message. Inspiring. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my women's lib poem. You made my day, kiddo!

  2. p.s. Even back in the day, many of us said we were aiming for liberation on both sides - and dreamed of a day when we could, as you said, "all be just people." I do admire how dads these days - like you - are so hands on and involved. How I would have loved that, for my kids, who grew up basically fatherless. Way to be, Sam!

  3. Amazing: Man, beast, better. Always possible as long as we have life.

  4. I can only borrow the words of the others here...amazing, inspired, admirable, and needing to be read, heard, and learned.
    Absolutely the best of yours that I've read. This might be the year when poets win.

  5. A very good message here, Sam. You kept the rhyme well also.

  6. -excellent… yet many brave men have died as well.

  7. excellent write about a subject that seems to be almost taboo of late. A good man is a very honorable thing to be. I think that there are many of them out there that go unnoticed and under appreciated because of the hostility towards men that we seem to be trending towards.

    1. I feel like I am defending my self at times and I'm kind of on eggshells not anting to offend but still be proud of who and what I am because it can be misunderstood so easily. I appreciate this comment.


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