Wednesday, 2 April 2014

As I Wandered

We met
as I wandered
calmly in a
lonely moment
on a silent
sandy lanscape
far too busy
for two fussy
people to be
taking time for talking.

Just a glance
was all I took
and you were gone
before I realized
you were a person
of a certain kind
I could have spared
a second or two
just to give
direction to ...
another perfect
moment squandered
as I wandered
home alone.


A challenge for Susie's Taking it to the Streets from the Imaginary Garden.


  1. aw, those fussers better get it together.

  2. "Could have"… those moments we can't take back. Lets hope we don't rack up too many of them!

  3. these rhymes are delicious. They trickle through one's head like honey, or treacle, or ....

  4. Sadly those moments happen to us all..maybe next time we will stop. Thanks for taking part in the challenge.

  5. This taps into the notion that has always bothered me: Have I yet met all the people who will be significant to my life? Before I began blogging, I had no idea the world of friends that awaited me. Sometimes it is worth the risk to talk to strangers.

  6. perfect description of one moment with so many layers of emotion..

  7. And thus I smile... I always smile...

  8. Thank you...nice response to the prompt.


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