Thursday, 3 April 2014


Sometimes I forget about the fire
inside that smoulders slowly
in that place of inspiration
where fear and pride conspire.

That first kiss when my hand shook
That wild look while dice are dancing
Fate holds hands with second chances 
and I forgot to breathe.

It's in times of unanswered questions
when the lessons seem to stick
and if it didn't hurt a little
wisdom wouldn't be worth spit

I see that spark in my child's eye 
and I remember why I keep that fire alive


Today the Toads are looking at what inspires us - I chose the first live rock and roll show I ever saw live April Wine in 1979 in the Kamloops Memorial Arena at the tender age of 13.



  1. Keeping the fire alive, like that.

  2. I like your sonnet-like approach to the theme - each quatrain building until the intention is revealed in the couplet. I believe there is a sense of capturing our words and thoughts for another generation in the compulsion/art of poetics.

  3. Fate holds hands with second chances
    and I forgot to breathe.

    So melodious and then the nugget of modern idiom to relieve the seriousness.

  4. This is wonderful. Children truly are inspiring and a bit scary. Love the gem about wisdom hurting a bit.

  5. Beautiful! I love how the light shines through your words and the embers of dreams live on through us-our children~ One of my favorites, of yours-so far ;D

  6. it's a feeling of great comfort to see the same fire in the next gen...

  7. smoldering is good. The line Jo-hanna quotes struck me as well. And the unanswered questions wisdom is spot on. Yes, children do have a way of keeping us digging deep. Lovely poetry, once again.

  8. Yes, children will definitely inspire you to keep the fire alive. Love the third stanza!!

  9. Mine was Santana Band in Salinas at some crappy little venue. Man, time... And my kids are my inspiration, too, Sam ~

  10. Yes, it is in those unanswered times that we truly learn...gain and grow in wisdom.

    Excellent challenge and thank you, Sam!

  11. We keep our fires alive for so many different reasons. Your use of form and embedded rhyme adds power to this open-hearted piece.

  12. beautiful!

    i love each stanza, it's hard to pick a favorite. each one could make a small poem in, ad of, itself.

    yes, it is important to keep going...keep creating. :)

    stacy lynn mar


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